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Last Life-Changing Seminar - Sandeep Maheshwari - A Must Watch!
Speech in MBA College, A girl noticed, I was nervous, I was in ladies toilet – browsing my notes, First speech – some boy shouted – you can do it.
Was very shy in early ages. If I can do, anyone can do anything, Memorization doesn’t work; speak from heart, not from head.
Commitment # 1: today is the greatest day, unforgettable
Commitment # 2: what is my benefit * some conditions apply – here no conditions apply – I never demand any money
Commitment # 3: last life changing seminar
Everyone is Successful in Specific Area
Driving – 2 wheeler, many drivers still alive – a big success, no white can do it – no green, red light follow, success definition change with time / location; someone good in Europe but not in India. Driving, degree, job / business, marriage = a long list of success, everyone is successful. Everyone is not successful everywhere. Only one person can help you to be successful and that is only you – same rule is applicable all over. In 90% fields, you're successful, same rule of success apply to the rest 10% and you will be fine.
Open the Lid; Let Acceptance Work
We are trying to put balls in a box (mind), which is closed by lid; off the lid (open), then balls will easily go inside the box. This lid is misconceptions, conditioning from early age until now. [(Top 10 inspirational stories of all time); Fish and frog; fish from ocean and frog from well; this fish came from an ocean and trying to convince frog about the vast area of ocean. Frog takes her as lie]. Retain the great things in mind and discard the lowly stuff. Children's mind is more acceptable - be a child to learn. Express and do something practically. Let's become children for a while. How can we make our lives simple and easy? Males; please hand up. Everybody is thinking about others, others are thinking about others, no one is thinking about himself - big problem: we are not clear about simple things. All people are confused in a simple query; what others will think about him / her. Female; hand up. When you feel happy, smile.
Some people are happy at home but serious in class / seminar, some people are serious all over - have happiness constipation. Today is the best day to enjoy. This day will not repeat itself. 
Live With Positive Approach
Akbar and Birbal - Akbar cut his big finger while on the way to hunting, taking his sword out. He cried and called for doctor.  Birbal told in relax mood - everything what happens, is for good. Birbal was punished. Again he said - everything what happens, is for good. Akbar was caught by some strangers. They treated him harshly. Due to finger cut they released him as defected. Now Akbar is crying. He was very much concerned about Birbal. Birbal said, if he was with you there, they had killed me. Good luck exists, there is no bad luck in existence. Everything what happens, is for good, only we feel bad, actually it is not.
Seeds Have Full Potential 
Seeds: are everything, these are big trees, stems, branches, leaves; fertile land, water then seeding. Everyone is successful in many things; the other wishes are seeds with him. We have seeds of success in our nature. We need fertile land, water. 60,000 thoughts each day come to mind, thoughts (+, -) have no value, value is to accept. If one accepts that he is unable to do anything that's dangerous. 90 % people have no fertile land. I can do, I can't do. Important is to keep alive the childlike dreams, learn walking by falling. Success is for children, not for elders. We make our land infertile. 
You were started telling that you cannot do, you cannot do. And by the time we forgot our dreams. All people, knowingly and unknowingly were lying. Keeping alive that small child you help you a lot to success. Keep on dreaming, don't be afraid of falling while learning walking. Dream like children and strive this in actual life. To proceed for success is for children, it is not for old people. 27 00
People make success story very difficult. You have come to know, now accept that in fact success is like children game. How we make ourselves infertile. We dream to become successful but at the same time, we convince ourselves that success is not easy. Root cause of not getting successful 'FEAR'. Poor kids try to follow rich kids 'the life style'. Rich people and poor people children - bicycle and by foot race. Father told, he is not rich (Tata Builda). I told my mom, I will be Tata Builda. Mom told everyone - her son will Tata Builda. People enjoy different entertainments. My relatives used to call me in parties and used to force me to confess that I will be Tata Builda. Everyone ridiculed me; no, richness is not for us. Kids can understand that he has been ridiculed. Kids believe it as reality. When all people are saying something, it would be truth. 6-18 years prepares you to do anything for your survival. Until the age of 18-19; one comes to know, how much worth he has. Because all relatives he believes them tell him everything. I went to a senior in family for consultation. He asked 10 questions, I tried to answer with full of my extent. He told me, that these answers are impractical. On asking how they are impossible, he got irritated. He told that it is easy to say and difficult to do. Saying something only requires thought, whereas doing it requires effort. There are also the elements of uncertainty, conflict and feasibility. Saying how you will do something involves no uncertainty. You are in complete control of the plan. Yes, you can consider possibilities, and yes, you can say that the outcome may be uncertain. But even that is making a certain pronouncement. In doing something, you are faced with all sorts of unknowns and unpredicted setbacks. You are also faced with the fact that you may not be able to perform a particular task in reality. 34 44 

Difficult, Difficult, Difficult – becomes impossible by the time. These words influence like the cord of elephant. Elephant believes from its childhood that he cannot break that cord. Now grown up elephant can break 1000 cords but now he doesn’t try. If someone assure elephant that you can break this cord, it will take no time for elephant to break. We have many believes based on nothing (lies). These believes build in long time but take no time to break. 

Centuries – people believe earth is flat – until scientists proved it is oval. These believes build in long time but take no time to break on discovering truth. 
37:00 All our believes are based on lies, they have to break. These believes build in long time but take no time to break on discovering truth. Many people are shocked, some enjoy. Fire causes burn each and every time, each and every location but son will marry on the choice of parents is not truth. One uncle’s son (MBA London) married a boy instead of choice of uncle. 
Job interview, address, dance, business – some people feel difficulty, some take it easy. 
This is the time business is very difficult in India - this is the time (when started/ it will finish). 
We wait somebody will come and tell us the secret of success. We wait for an idea of success. 
Success secret is in small things. Success follows believes (hard/easy)
You believe in some things easy and some difficult. If you believe in opposite for difficult things, they will become easy. Success will become child play. 
43:00 How false beliefs take place. Most of us are told; don’t look, speak, listen bad things. Close your eyes – don’t think about your mom / photograph. Terrorist – our mind doesn’t think about words, it thinks about pictures. Butcher, Osama Bin Laden, wife. Mother Tressa – peace, Gupta (images, not words).
Speaking, thinking don’t matter – images in mind matter. 
I was shy, beat younger sister. Father counsel me – not to beat sister. My mom try to support me. She said, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. After this support from my mom, father started beating me. Images work, words not. You have noticed – two people fighting. Third person comes to save – don’t beat, don’t beat with block
Most of us are told; don’t look, speak, listen bad things. Doesn’t work – try; look, speak, listen good things. 
Positive thinking helps to some extent temporarily. Allopathic is temporary relief, alternative is make strong yourself (body), you will remain healthy. How one can control 60,000 thoughts a day. Only one can isolate himself to control his thoughts. How can we clean dictionary from –ve words. Name, fame, money, happiness, health – is biggest success. 
53:00 Health - early to bed, early to rise; excuse
57:00 When you decide, your mind will follow you
01:00 Commitment to change - negative / positive thoughts - cry / laugh
01:05 Appreciate everything present (80% average do extra ordinary), action - confused, options; you have to decide, no body else is there to suggest
01:10 Outside suggestions mostly dangerous; these are all seeds, land is fertile, plough, not planting; no action - Risk / Fear (is not created), we create it
01:13 You have to do step by step, no job is interesting / boring, it is our own choice
01:19 Bank loan is for non needy people, wherever you start - people will oppose (start from small steps from today), continuous, share
01:24 Two farmers talking to Creator - one complaining (not sharing - beggar), other no complaining (want to help each - most rich); want to happy - share happiness, want respect / love - share it, want money - share money, money is like fuel in car, nobody is driving to collect fuel - same is for money
First hired and progressed then fired and growth stopped; one company doesn't care about sharing - other believes in sharing (this will grow); tree is ready - fruit is ready - if you will not reap and share - this fruit will go waste
01:35 Some people dry and fight in crises, own story
01:50 Failure is the seed of success
02:00 Never fire employees, " Pidream Sultan Bood " (My father was a king). It fails to recognize the reality on ground that the kingdom has been snatched and responsible for lack of action on their part. Fight, fight, fight
02:05 Help others


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